PNC Hydroponics Facility Officially Under Construction


On the 7th of February 2014, PNC Hydroponics officially started the construction of the working facilities within our “Research, Apply and Transfer High-tech Greenhouses Application to the Production of Vegetables Project”. 


The working facilities include: office area, cool room storage, packaging area, fertilizer storage and technical area.


The construction works include marking out the each area for facility construction and greenhouse zone. The marking out of construction areas enable the team to start the foundation work for the assembly of the steel frame. All the foundation construction is completed on the 4th of February 2014.


Steel frame fabrication was completed off site and will be transported to the construction site for installation on the 6th of February 2014. The construction schedule was pushed very hard so that the company’s construction completion deadline of 31st of March 2014 is achieved. We are on a very tight schedule to have all major construction complete by 31st of March 2014, so that we can start the greenhouse construction in April 2014.


All the facilities construction is expecting to be finish in March 2014, and greenhouse facilities in April 2014. It is expect that PNC Hydroponics would be able to have the first seedling plant in May 2014 and have our first production harvest in July 2014. Therefore, it is expected that PNC Hydroponics Company Limited will able to provide the consumer with consistent supply of clean and safe vegetables by September 2014.


Be very careful what you are buying for your family to eat, make sure that the products are clean and safe. What are you putting in your and your family body? Protect your family health by helping us to bring high quality, clean and safe vegetables for your consumption by always demand on PNC Hydroponics products.