The Fruits of PNC Hydroponics


After one year of trial with different varieties of tomatoes and cucumbers we have succeeded in the getting the yield per plant required to go into commercial production trial. For example, with Lebanese & Continental cucumber varieties growing in Australia will yield approximately 7 – 9 kg per plant when applying hydroponics cultivation techniques. However, the environment in the southern part of Vietnam is very different from Australia for cucumber to grow. As such we set the target for each cucumber plant to produce between 4 – 5 kg, before we move on to the next stage.


The extreme heat and high humility is the major problem for the cucumber to develop and last in the fruit bearing period. In the first 6 months we are only getting 2 – 3 kg per plant, so the sign is not very promising for our first trial. As such we are only half way to our target, but we keep pushing on and adjusting all our greenhouse setup so that we can maximize the grow period of the cucumber plant to increase the yield. For the next 6 months we keep trying new technologies and fertilizer mixes to make the cucumber plant more resilience to heat and humility.


After so many adjustment and changes to our original greenhouse and fertilizer mixes, we finally achieved the yield target per plant of 4 – 5 kg. So after long hard year and a lot of monies spend in growing trial in Vinh Long, we are ready to move on to the next step of commercial production trial. From the small growing trial facilities in Vinh Long named “Mai An Tim” covering an area of 1000 sqm, we now are ready to move on to the next step.


From the fruits of hard labour with “Mai An Tim” in Vinh Long, we manage to secure 6 hectare of land at the Dong Nai Biotechnology Center, Xuân Đường Hamlet, Cẩm Mỹ Commune, Đồng Nai to start commercial production trial. As a result, we established PNC Hydroponics Company Limited for the next step, therefore, the fruits of PNC Hydroponics will bring  the freshest, cleanest and safest vegetables to the consumer.