Growing Testing Facilities In Vinh Long


Our dream of bringing hydroponic agriculture to Vietnam started in 2002 with a simple idea, to help Vietnamese farmers overcome poverty. Our first small step to make this dream a reality was back in 2004, when we start a pilot project growing greenhouse cucumber and tomatoes in Vinh Long. The successful trial showed greenhouse farming is suited Vietnamese conditions, but it revealed an issue with humidity that we needed to solve. 


In December 2011, we started construction on a growing trial facilities to fully test the commercial application of high-tech greenhouse production of vegetables. The construction of basic facilities and greenhouse on a 1000 sqm of land took over 6 months to complete. Usually, small size facilities like this would take approximately 2 months. However, with the difficulty in sourcing components for the greenhouse construction as such delayed for four months.


With the total construction and operation costs of over 1 billion VND, on June 2012 the growing trial facilities come online. The first seedling was sowed in the end of June 2012. Since, then we have trial grow vine tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, continental cucumber and Lebanese cucumber with positive result.