Dirty vegetables bring silent, gradual death


“Dirty vegetables” is the word used to describe the vegetables with toxic chemical residues that harm people. The problem is that dirty vegetables and dirty food have been teeming on the market.


High-grade vegetables “taken care” with toxic chemicals


With the naked eyes, consumers can only tell the difference between fresh and withered vegetables, while they cannot differentiate safe and unsafe vegetables.


Analysts say most of the vegetables available at the wholesale markets like Long Bien, Mai Dich and Dich Vong are dirty vegetables. The vegetables receive “special treatment” from farmers just within a very short time with “magic medicines” which allow them go spurt out. Especially, the products can easily catch the eyes of consumers with their freshness thanks to the pesticide sprayed continuously by farmers.


Nuong, a vegetable grower in Tu Liem district, said that every household develops two vegetable gardens at the same time, one for household use, where they grow “clean vegetables”, with no pesticide and toxic chemicals, and the other for sale, where they grow dirty vegetables.


“Farmers use pesticides, the chemicals to modify vegetable genetics, such as Giberelin (Ga3), and a kind of medicine we call “effervescent pill,” she explained.


“With the medicines, farmers can harvest crops after a shorter time of growing, while the vegetables look very good,” she added.


Phu, a vegetable grower in Hoai Duc district, said that the most popular pesticide is a kind of powder medicine, which is mixed with water and then irrigated directly into vegetables. He also mentioned the medicine called “effervescent pill”, saying that the chemical would be sprayed one time in high concentration.


The vegetables taken care with the effervescent pill can easily poison consumers. However, farmers still turn a deaf ear to the warning, because they can harvest vegetables for sale just 3-5 days after the germination.


As such, the chemicals do not have enough time to disintegrate, and vegetables with toxic chemical residues still have been sold to consumers. In recent years, food poisoning has become a horror to many people and physicians.


Consumers have been poisoned not only with the toxic chemicals, but also by the terrible irrigated water. The “death water” has been sourced from the black canals, full of rubbish and chemicals.


Vegetable growers in Thanh Tri and Tay Tuu even use the water from sewages, waste water and polluted water from To Lich and Kim Nguu rivers, containing coliform and other bacteria, to irrigate vegetables.


All the competent agencies have come to a conclusion that dirty vegetables not only poison people immediately, but also cause serious diseases like cancer. However, no effective solution has been found to settle the problem.


Once competent agencies stay powerless in the issue, consumers have to eat dirty vegetables and face high risks every day. They have been using all possible measures to minimize the toxic residues, but these are not enough to protect them.


According to Dr Tran Van Ky from the Vietnam Scientific Association of Food Safety, the growth stimulants are as poisonous as pesticides, because the poison will seep deeper into the tissues and cells of human bodies, which can not be treated thoroughly. Therefore, dirty vegetable have been described as a silent killer.


Source: VTC