Our Community Commitment


We encourage our employees to be involved with their local communities. This type of commitment mirrors that of the Company overall. Helping build homes for lower income families and encouraging children to stay in school.


Engage. Contribute. Inspire: These are the guiding principles of our social responsibility principal, at PNC Hydroponics, we believe our company should be aligned with the issues that are important to the communities where we operate, and strive to make a difference in the following areas: 


  • CHILD WELL-BEING: There is nothing worse than lost potential, especially for a child. These efforts include participating in literacy programs, and offering job readiness and workplace training to disadvantaged youth. We want to help focus them on a future that unlocks their potential, shows the value of giving back to their community, and helps steer them towards a path of success.


  • HUNGER AND POVERTY RELIEF: There is no simple way to break the cycle of poverty, but in our communities we partner with community organizations and social enterprises to concentrate our energies where we can make the biggest difference. From providing training opportunities, building homes, teaching life skills, and providing essential resources, every contribution helps.