Our Strategic Partners


PNC Hydroponics will partner for success and growth with major supermarket chains in Vietnam and abroad. PNC Hydroponics will continually develop and improve its products through involvement with our partners and consultation with our global network of experts.


Importantly, support is the cornerstone of any partnership especially with our farmers, and by integrating our people and their expertise into the farmer’s decision-making process, we are able to provide farmers with unparalleled support through a continuous flow of information and ideas. As a leading agriculture company in Vietnam, it is our responsibility to work with farmers in applying technology and information application that will help growers make the right decisions, identifying opportunities for growth, and creating innovative strategies that enable farmers to capitalize on opportunities. In essence, we are responsible for farmer’s success by increasing crop yield.


Additionally, we commit with partners stick together to overcome challenges. Our goal is to help farmers earn above industry average, so if farmers experience tough times, we won’t abandon them. With a "true spirit of generosity," we'll work together to get farmers back on track to profitability and growth.