Our Commitment


Corporate responsibility is a PNC Hydroponics commitment for the future advancement of the community. Every year we will reinvest part of our skills, resources and vision into the community thus building a company which recognizes the intrinsic worth of what it does, with staff who are proud of the job they do and encouraged to discover their strengths.


We are committed to operate with integrity towards our clients, our staff, our colleagues, and our suppliers. We are committed to nourishing the world’s growing population while protecting the planet. We commit to continue to find new ways to help farmers produce more food more sustainably and to develop more efficient methods of delivering food. We know that with the talents and conviction of our employees, we can help meet the challenge of ensuring all people have access to safe, nutritious and affordable food.


We are committed to focus on meeting today’s needs without impairing the world’s capacity to serve future generations. Our responsibility extends beyond our own operations to the suppliers, partners and other stakeholders in our supply chains. A responsible supply chain respects people and human rights; produces safe and wholesome food; promotes the best, most responsible agricultural practices; and reduces environmental impact, including protecting the land and conserving scarce resources. 


We strive to demonstrate measurable progress against the supply chain issues that we can control and those we can influence. We know our ability to grow as a company depends on the way we treat people, how we enrich our communities and how well we serve our customers.  Through the efforts of our employees, will grow profitably and grow responsibly to meet the needs of a diverse, expanding and interconnected world.


Under no circumstances will we offer any false, fictitious or fraudulent information, report or claim to another person, or take unfair advantage of anyone through inappropriate manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts or any other similar practice.


We will communicate with each other in a respectful, honest and transparent manner in accordance with our values. We will comply with our legal obligations to keep shareholders, creditors, suppliers and other stakeholders informed on a timely basis through regular public releases of relevant and understandable information about PNC Hydroponics.