Our Values




  • A strong relationship with our customers and partners is the key element for our success. PNC Hydroponics is committed to ensure satisfaction for our customers. We will achieve this through long lasting, trusted relationships as well as striving for excellence beyond satisfaction.


Quality – Trust – Respect:


  • We will always deliver the highest quality products and technology to ensure we are a premier company for consumer and customer satisfaction
  • We view trust as a common foundation for successful, enduring relationships. Trust fosters honesty, integrity and endurance, and we will ensure that it is an essential ingredient in our operations and relationships.
  • We recognize that respect for others begins with respect for oneself. We are committed as a company to respecting our employees, customers and community.




  • We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism. 


Integrity and Honesty:


  • Through personal responsibility of our actions and commitments, and fair and ethical treatment for all, we value integrity and honesty as a foundation of success.