Our Team


PNC Hydroponics management team is:


Canny Tran - Managing Director,


  • Experience: Canny has worked in sales and marketing for 12 years. Before starting PNC Hydroponics he was Director of Sales and Marketing for Liberty Corporation
  • Background: Canny Tran was raised and educated in Australia. He holds a MBA and double business degree majoring in real estate and marketing management from the University of South Australia. He has over 6 years’ experience in real estate investment, development & valuation.
  • Areas of specialization: hospitality, real estate valuation, and residential development, feasibility study, finance, marketing and sales.


Nam Nguyen - Financial Director


  • Experience: Nam has worked in finance investment for 6 years with Dragon Capital managing local stock funds.
  • Background: After graduating from university in Vietnam, Nam completed a Master of Finance at the University of Adelaide then started working for Dragon Capital.
  • Area of specialization: Financial strategy, capital investment and portfolio management


Phong Nguyen - Production Director


  • Background: Phong has owned and operated a successful nursery in Virginia, South Australia, supplying seedlings to commercial hydroponic growers in the region, with an estimated annual turnover of $AUS1 million.
  • Area of specialization: Hydroponics technology, growing vegetables and seed incubation