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Contact our professional team for all your hydroponics equipment. Before purchasing any hydroponics equipment come and discuss your option with our friendly and professional team.


Farmers interested in the profits and sustainability of hydroponics need advice from a trusted expert before making the switch to today’s farming solution. PNC Hydroponics is well equipped to advise, because we have unique experience managing technologically cutting-edge commercial cucumber and tomatoes farms in Vietnam.


We recommend you also seek advice from other farmers and your local Department of Agriculture. You might want to trial a small system to see if you like the results. It's easy, but you have to use it properly. With the right guidance you can easily balance the nutrient solution for delicious flavors and healthy growth. By listening to experts you can recognize and solve problems as soon as they occur.


Be wary of purchasing second hand commercial systems. It may not be the right system for you and you could spend money on a system that doesn’t suit the crop you want to grow. Hydroponics is a relatively young industry. Some so called hydroponics specialists have sold systems which simply don’t work. You may be buying one of these, so be cautious.


Successful commercial hydroponic growers, have all done their research first. PNC Hydroponics can help you make the right decisions. So if you are serious about a future in hydroponics, contact PNC Hydroponics as your first step to success.


Finding the right system for you. Things to consider




The direction the land slopes is very important when planning a hydroponic installation. The steepness of the slope plays an important role when choosing the size of the pump. The location and level of the water table on the property is important when planning the site for the reservoir.


Annual Weather Patterns


This will dictate the type of crop that can be grown and any necessary crop protection. Points to consider in this area are: prevailing wind directions and speed, temperature range i.e. lowest, highest and average. Annual rainfall and day light will all effect your crop. Make sure you know your area.


Water Supply


It is essential before anything else that you have the water source tested. Just because you can drink it, doesn't mean it's suitable for hydroponics. PNC Hydroponics offer a laboratory service for water analysis and full report. If you have already had a water test, we would be happy to confirm the results. If you are buying a property for your venture, be sure to have the available water source tested BEFORE considering the property. It could save you money.


Proposed Crop


Consider carefully the crop you choose. Look at whether it suits you as a farmer and its viability in the market. Contact either your local Department of Agriculture or PNC Hydroponics for information on crop yields. Don't believe yields quoted by 'hydroponic consultants' without checking them first. Initially, it is best to concentrate on one crop only. This minimises problems and avoids complex and expensive solutions. A grower devoting all his attention to one crop will usually be more profitable.