Storage Guide & Preparing Tips


Storage Guide:


Since cucumbers can be very sensitive to heat, always choose cucumbers displayed in refrigerated cases. It’s also helpful to know that thin-skinned cucumbers have fewer seeds.


Cucumbers should be stored in the refrigerator and once they are cut kept in an airtight plastic container. For maximum quality, cucumber should be used within one or two days.


Maximum duration of storage is as follows:


Rel. humidity

Max. duration of storage

10 - 12°C

85 - 90%

14 days

7 - 10°C

90 - 95%

10 - 14 days


Tips For Preparing Cucumbers:


Consumers often ask if they should eat the skin and seeds. The skins and seeds of cucumbers are both rich in nutrients. In fact, they are more nutritious than the flesh so it’s desirable to eat them. We recommend leaving on the skin of organically grown cucumbers and always remember to wash any non-waxed, conventionally grown cucumber before eating.


Some prefer to remove the seeds. It can be easily done by scooping out with a spoon and is fine except that they miss out on some of the nutritional value. We recommend however enjoying the whole cucumber with the seeds.