Three Stages Of Cucumber Growth


Hydroponic cucumbers are grown in three simple stages:


  • Sowing – growing;
  • Transplanting – growing in cocopeat;
  • Harvesting – picking for delivery.




First the cucumber seeds are warmed in a special chamber for 3 days under + 50°С, then for 1 day under +76-78°С to ensure they are virus free.


Before sowing the plugs in the cassettes are soaked in nutrient solution. Then a cucumber seed is planted in each plug and covered with vermiculite. A layer of transparent polyethylene for 2-3 days maintains optimum germinating temperatures of 23-25°С.


After seven days the seedlings are transplanted into cubes, spaced and environmentally controlled for maximum growth. The temperature is set to 22-24°С, and the nutrient solution adjusted to: ЕС 2.5-3.0, рН 5.5. Plants are spaced at maximum of 28 per square meter for 3-5 weeks, before they are ready for permanent mat planting. Seedlings with 5-6 leaves, well-developed root systems, heights of 25-30 cm, and a raw mass of 35-40g will be selected for permanent planting.




Rockwool slabs need to be soaked for a day, prior to transplanting, careful to ensure no dry spots in the slabs. PlantShield (Trichoderma harzianum, strain T-22) is a beneficial fungus to add to the medium prior to transplanting. It prevents diseases caused by Pythium, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Thielaviopsis and Cylindrocladium.




Cucumbers are ready to pick when they turn a medium to dark green color depending on what variety. Picking the cucumbers early encourages the vine to keep producing longer into the season. It is best not to allow the cucumbers to become over-ripe. They can develop a bitter taste if left on the vine too long.


Picking a ripe cucumber is very easy, and only takes a snip or a twist. At PNC Hydroponics we use a pair of sharp scissors and snip the cucumber off the vine. Workers cut about a 1/4-inch above the cucumber. We harvest the ripe cucumber in the early morning, package and deliver to the supermarket by lunch. Therefore, when you purchase PNC Hydroponics’ cucumbers they are fresh from our farm to you.