Our Story - The Journey Begin


Our dream to bring hydroponic agriculture to Vietnam started in 2002 with a simple idea to help Vietnamese farmers overcome poverty. We knew that Vietnamese farmers worked very hard but earn little due to:


  • Low yields that eventuate from employing traditional farming methods and seed stocks
  • Farmers who have no control over prices that are controlled by traders
  • Crops that are vulnerable due to climatic and environmental factors
  • Dependence on dangerous pesticides and herbicides


Both of us, were fortunate to immigrate to Australia, so we wanted to give something back to our homeland. We believe that Vietnam can be a dominant player in agricultural exports. After all it has such fertile farmland, good rainfall and 70 percent of Vietnam’s people live rurally. So many opportunities exist for growth and fresh investment by the public and private sector. Most important is the way this investment is transformed so that farmers can realise more money for their hard work.


Our first small step to make this dream a reality was back in 2004. Phong returned to Vietnam for three months for a pilot project growing greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes in Vinh Long. The successful trial showed greenhouse farming suited Vietnamese conditions but it revealed an issue with humidity that he needed to solve.  In 2012, with another partner Nam Nguyen, we established a large scale tomato and cucumber trial facility in Vinh Long for an outlay of VND1 billion.


Following on from these very positive trial results with cucumbers, a Limited Company was formed as a commercial grower of agricultural produce.


From the initial idea to building the dream, it’s remarkable that both Canny & Phong have come this far with only year 12 education when they have their initial idea, no investment capital and no support from family. After 10 years of hard work to bring their dream to life, the PNC Hydroponics Company is operating in Vietnam with Phong, Nam and Canny, as owners and founders.


The company excels in the hydroponic vegetable business; producing and selling quality fresh vegetables all year round. The greenhouse process is designed to ripen produce naturally, with no artificial chemicals. PNC Hydroponics grows vegetables in state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled multi-spanned greenhouses.


The best quality vegetables are grown using the latest in greenhouse technology:


  • Computerized temperature sensors
  • Automatic venting,
  • Automatic misting units
  • Temperature controlled fans.


The advantages of growing in high-tech tunnels are:


  • Faster, longer growth
  • Harvest labor reduced by 80%
  • Harvest time reduced with more consistent vegetable size
  • Elimination of weight loss due to shock
  • Greater yield per plant
  • Optimisation of temperature for plant growth

PNC Hydroponics Company’s owners and founders each bring valuable expertise to the company: Phong has extensive experience with commercial farming and cultivation in Australia. Nam looks after the financial side of the business following a career with Dragon Capital, and Canny brings strong sales and marketing skills. The management style reflects the participation of the owners. The company respects its community of co-workers and treats all workers well. We attempt to develop and nurture the company as community. PNC Hydroponic is organized in four main functional areas, namely; production, sales, finance and operation. Our roles are assigned but we act as a team through support and communication.


  • Phong – is responsible for all production and technology
  • Nam – is responsible for funding, financing and accounting, together with packaging and distribution.
  • Canny – is  responsible for sales and marketing