Hydroponics Consultancy Services


Thinking of venturing into commercial hydroponics farming operation? Come and talk to our professional team to get the latest professional advices that could save you thousands of dollar.


Our service commitment


We make a difference because:


We care - We believe in and care about what we do and those we work with, by:


  • being timely and responsive to our customers, farmers and communities
  • respecting and understanding customer and farmers rights to privacy and confidentiality
  • treating all people as individuals with individual needs
  • supporting and mutually respecting those we work with
  • taking pride in making a difference for our farmers lives and communities
  • valuing and upholding the reputation of PNC Hydroponics.


We listen - We hear and respond to others by:


  • working in partnership with our customers, suppliers, farmers and communities
  • being courteous and responsive
  • remaining sensitive to the needs of our customers, suppliers, farmers, communities and those we work with
  • seeking and responding to feedback on our services.


We deliver - We deliver quality services by:


  • finding solutions and enabling positive outcomes for our customers, suppliers, farmers and communities
  • providing quality, professional and timely services
  • remaining sensitive to issues of cultural diversity, disability and individual needs
  • sharing and using resources, knowledge and learning.


Thinking of making the switch to hydroponics?


Making the Right Hydroponic Choice.


Making the right hydroponic choice is probably the most important decision you will make. While a prospective market is essential, you should also choose a crop that suits you and your farm. For example growing hydroponic lettuce is totally different to growing hydroponic tomatoes. While lettuce and herbs is daily work and the work is relatively light but tomatoes can be physically demanding as a crop. The big weight difference between a box of tomatoes and a box of basil is the first issue, plus going up and down ladders where the tomato crops are layered is hard physical work. We always try to make sure that prospective clients are given some hands on experience with their chosen crop before setting up their own system.


A part of PNC Hydroponic’s service is consultancy in:


  • Hydroponic Greenhouse Installation
  • Indoor Hydroponic Facility Installation
  • Training of Personnel
  • Site Inspections
  • Greenhouse Planning
  • Design of Hydroponic Systems and Installation
  • Budgeting
  • Quotations & Bids
  • Crop Formulations


PNC Hydroponics have qualified technical consultants for hydroponic farming with hands-on experience:


  • Greenhouse construction management advice
  • Selecting the hydroponic system that suits your needs
  • Nutrient application formulas for crops
  • Harvesting and packaging recommendations
  • Recommendations for marketing and distribution
  • Storage recommendations
  • System design
  • On-going technical support
  • Individually tailored nutrient formulas to suit the water supply, crop and season    
  • Interpretation of water or nutrient solution lab analysis                                            


All aspects of crop production are covered:


  • Greenhouse design   
  • Irrigation and fertilization planning    
  • Propagation   
  • Environmental control
  • Crop training
  • Crop management    
  • Crop nutrition
  • Pest and disease control including low chemical alternatives,
  • Staff training
  • Postharvest handling